The Art of Softgel: The Softgel Handbook

The Art of Softgel is the first book on softgel manufacturing ever published. This book is a technical/resource guide on the formulation and manufacturing of softgels, also called soft gels or soft gelatin capsules (SGC). It provides a unique opportunity for industry professionals and novices alike to craft this notoriously challenging product. Because of the lack of technical reference material, people working in this field have to gain experience or knowledge by a trial and error approach – until now.With over fifty years of combined experience in every aspect of the softgel industry - Chemistry, Formulation, Manufacturing, R&D, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Logistics and much more - Don Steele & Robin Koon have created a practical step-by-step resource guide containing everything you need to bring a softgel to market.

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Book Title: The Art of Softgel: The Softgel Handbook

Book Author: Donald Steele Robin Koon

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